femmes enceintes; maquillage corporel; photographie; exposition photographique; livre

Born in 1954 in Drôme (France), François bathes as of his youth in an
artistic universe. Child of painter-ceramists, he grows in the
microcosm of the museums, galleries and workshops. He is very early
discovered a passion for the world of the image and photography.

In 1980, he enters to the National School Louis Lumière to Paris in
section cinéma/image. He leaves there in 1983 to launch out in the
cinema and the report as an assistant caméraman and a photographer of

He devotes a great part of its time to travel throughout the world to
perfect its technique. It is devoted to documentary by covering
conflicts like those of Nicaragua in the Eighties and that of without
grounds in Brazil. It is also implied at the photographic level
realizing of many reports on apartheid in South Africa.

For Francois, the color is a paramount question. To the moment when
photography exploits primarily the light through contrast between the
black and the white, its artistic search leads it to work this one by
juxtaposing the colors. It does not hesitate besides to use filters
into silver and it is quite naturally that it finds echo with this
search in the appearance of the numerical one.

This artistic step is reflected in his cinematographic work. It uses
it at the time of turnings. The comings and goings is permanent
between the two universes, into practice putting in one what it tried
out in the other.

He exploits this step through experiment in aquatic environment
(delivers Of one World to the Other, short-measuring, the platform,
Hajioui, 1993), world in which the human body appears with the play of
the refléxion-difraction of the light.