femmes enceintes; maquillage corporel; photographie; exposition photographique; livre

Born in Spain in 1964, Carmen started to work at the tender age of eighteen during the Post-Franco MOVIDA Spanish Cultural Revolution in the 80's for shows, fashion shows, photo and theatre as a make-up artist and hairdresser.

Thanks to her participation with foreign advertising companies she moved to Paris in 1990 where she met cinema people such as Jean-Pierre Mocky, Yves Boisset, Manuel Poirier as well as the young cinema generation. Since then she has worked on international co-productions for films and most notably in the department of special effects.

Her meeting with Muriel Hermine, who was making her first aquatic show in 1991, “Sirella”, performed in France and Japan and soon to be followed by “Crescend'o” introduced Carmen to the world of water and encouraged to look for new aquatic makeup products.

This earned her a place in fashion photos of an aquatic nature for “Vogue”, “Jardin des Modes”, “Votre Beauté”, “Elle”, as well as for advertisements and videos. Dance and musical comedies can also be seen in her work with Jérôme Savary and Andy de Groot.

One of its last creations are the make-up of more than 100 artists for impressionant aquatic show created by Franco Dragone in Las Vegas: le REVE.

One of her passions is painting and was visible in “body-painting” thanks to numerous photos, videos and films. The cinema, musical comedies and the world of image are her main interests now.